Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Are Truly Loved

How would your life be different

If you believed ~really believed~

In your heart of hearts
In the depth of your soul
In the innermost part of your being

That you are truly and unconditionally loved
With a love
that will never leave you or forsake you~~~~

If you really believed you are loved like this~
How would it change you?

A love that will always hold onto you
A love that will never let go of you

A love so amazing
A love so magnificent
A love neverending
A love truly limitless

A love that looks deep
Into the heart of you
And still reaches out
To embrace every part of you

A love that sees everything
You’ve ever done
Yet a love that believes
In what you will become

A love that will hold you
Until you feel whole again
A love that will stay with you
While you find your strength again

A love full of mercy
A love full of grace
A love that makes sure
Your mistakes are erased

A love that knows suffering
Sorrow and pain
A love that will shelter you
Bring you in from the rain

A love that in spite of everything you have done
Pursues you, embraces you
Till your heart’s come undone

A love that reaches for your hand to hold
A love full of warmth when the world is so cold

A love that sees everything
No one else sees
A love that heals wounds
That run way too deep.

A love that runs toward you
With outstretched arms open wide
A love that holds you so close
Hand in hand, side by side.

A love like no other you’ve ever known
A love that somehow feels like you’re home.
~By Janet Lyn
*copyright February 14, 2010*

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