Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scenes From A Sunny Saturday Cycle

***Saturday, April 24, 2010***

Saturday afternoon brought warm sunshine, clear blue skies 
and practically no wind
(which around here means winds of 25mph or less).
True delight for cycling.
The kind of day made for riding a bike outdoors.
So I did.

Setting off cycling for a Saturday afternoon ride along country roads surrounded by farms and ranches, I found so many reminders of
why I love to ride
and why I love living in the country
now here in the great Southwest.

Even though I always thought of myself as more of a city girl, I realize now I've probably always been more of
a country girl at heart,
now more than ever.

There is so much beauty all around,
up above, below on the ground, out on the horizon.
Wild beauty.

(Please forgive slight film on camera lens.)

Wildflowers of all colors are blooming along the roadsides. Bright oranges, yellows, whites and more. Such raw beauty.

Whenever I ride my bike around here, I always smile and wonder why people still think New Mexico is desert.
We are definitely not desert.
We are rich farmlands and large cattle and horse ranches.
We are long, peaceful country roads.
We are wide open spaces
under endless, deep blue skies.

I love watching the changing seasons as I ride my bike.
This is one of my favorite times of year.
Spring planting and the ground is green with growth.

On Saturday, I met up with the three horses I'd seen under a shade tree on another ride earlier in the week.
(Yes, we even have trees in NM.)

This time, all 3 horses came close to the fence for a better look
at me on my steel horse
as I looked at them.

And then, as all good stories do,
this one ended with true love ~~
and a kiss.
(I told you I'm a country girl at heart.)
Ah, I love country life.

~~Janet Lyn~~

***What makes you love where you live?***
Learning to be content with what you have
and find the unexpected joys all around you
brings a peace and sweetness to life
wherever you are.~jl.


HisFireFly said...

I'm trying to imagine what they thought of your steel horse..

"my, that's a skinny one!" or some such.

Lovely pictures. May you be blessed as your holidays end and you return to normal routine.

NoRacer said...

Nice pix, Janet! Looks like you had a great ride.


Duane Scott said...


Cassandra Frear said...

Ah,the big sky. Spring air. Wildflowers. And love. What more do we need for bliss?